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“You will see many things I learned that day and over the next few years from this marketer, woven into these pages. Without his ideas, this book wouldn't have been possible.”
Russell Brunson
Dedication From His Best-Selling 'Expert Secrets' Book
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The Holy Grail of Traffic
The ONE  & Only Thing You Will Ever Need To Get ALL The Traffic. Makes Traffic Getting A Fun Game You can Never Lose... Like Brad Pitt Walking Into Any Bar.
The Missing Puzzle Piece
You Know One More Funnel Isn't The Answer, Right? Maybe This Is? At Least For Me, This One Puzzle Piece Makes Everything Easier & Paid For My House In 4 Months Flat.
The Harvard Effect
How To Create And Sell More Premium Products By Removing Selling From The Equation. This Is Hands-Down THE An Introverts Guide To Their Dream Business.
The Power Of Simple
How To Use The Power Of Simple And Elon Musk's (Genius) Reverse Ascension Model To Become The Richest Guy In Your Industry Too... Even During Pandemic Times.
The Million Dollar Pivot
This One Marketing Shift Is The Only Thing Between You And Actually Extracting Millions Of Dollars (Guilt Free) By This Time Next Year. Most Will Never Know. But You Will.
The Nobu Experience
How To Become The Nobu Of Your Industry. Waiting List For Days. Having The Highest Prices With People Thrilled To Pay Them... And Eager To Come Back Again & Again.
“We have the unique ability to see into 7 Figure per month companies. What I can say is the best of the best are averaging about $400-$500 per call. Your average of $2800 per call whether someone buys or not, absolutely changes the game. As traffic prices go up, this new methodology gives your clients a massive advantage.
Aaron Parkinson
Owner of 7 Mile Media Ad Agency (Over $1B in sales)
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